Leaving Your Charitable Legacy

The Community Foundation offers customized and personal charitable solutions to donors interested in current and planned giving opportunities. Through a planned gift to the Community Foundation, you can create a future fund that will award grants in perpetuity to causes you care about or choose to support one or more endowment funds within the Community Foundation.  

Planned giving through the Community Foundation allows you to establish a charitable legacy, while also providing you with significant financial and tax benefits. Your planned gift may be in the form of a bequest by naming the Community Foundation not only in a will or trust document; life income plans, such as a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity; charitable lead trust; gifts of life insurance; retirement plan assets or any other type of charitable planned gift. In addition to working with us, we recommend you consult with your attorney and tax/financial advisors to determine the best vehicle to meet your goals.

The Legacy Society recognizes the following individuals and couples who have generously made provisions in their estate plans to establish a charitable legacy through the Community Foundation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Abbink
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Adamovitz
Mrs. Sarah R. Ahrendt*
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ames
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerken*
Mr. W. James Ballantyne*
Ms. Judith Blake
Mr. and Mrs. David Borghesi
Mrs. Joyce A. Braude
Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Brooks*
Mr. William E. Brown Jr.*
Mr. Paul Capron and Mrs. Joan E. Deery
Ms. Shirley Caputo*
Mrs. George Carmody
Mr. Lynn S. Castner and Ms. Deonne Parker
Mrs. Marjory Condit
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dix
Mrs. James G. Downward*
Mrs. Marion M. Dutcher*
Mr. and Mrs. John Eagan*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Merle J. Graham*
Ms. Dorothy M. Falconer*
Ms. Ramona Fantini and Mr. John Jacobs
Mrs. Jean P. Gates
Ms. Janet S. Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Gregg Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.Gutheil*
Ms. Viola Hedeman*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Heichel
Mr. Curtiss S. Hitchcock*
Mrs. Dianne Hopstetter
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Houston*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Izer
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Krum*
Mr. G. David Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel B. P. Jones
Ms. Evie Maxine Kearney
Ms. Susan M. Ketchum
Ms. Ruth Kiefer*
Ms. Virginia L. Kozak
Mr. Robert E. Krommes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lundy*
Mr. Robert W. Matchett* and Mrs. Judy S. Matchett
Mr. George M. Minot and Mrs. Betty Minot*
Mr. Richard Moore* and Mrs. Charlotte Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morris
Ms. Nancy M. Nelson
Ms. Mary E. Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. Rockwell O'Sheill
Mrs.Helen Payne
Ms. Maureen Pesce
Mr. and Mrs. Halford J. Pope*
Mr. Hugh L. Quinn
Mrs. Mary Rawlings
Mr. Gerald W. Richards
Dr. Robert F. Garnett, Sr.*
Mr. George Rowan* and Mrs. Janice Rowan
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Simson*
Ms. Denise K. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tandy*
Mr. and Mrs. Jules S. Tarlow*
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Taylor*
Mr. Daniel A. Tweel
Ms. Lynn Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Van Epp*
Ms. Euline H. Van Vactor*
Mr. and Mrs. Philip  Warth
Mr. and Mrs. Wade J. Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Wile*
Drs. Barry and Barre Wright


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