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PEARLS of Hampton County

For less than a dollar a day, women in Hampton County are becoming involved in an exciting community endeavor.

PEARLS stands for Philanthropic Empowerment Among Rural Lowcountry Sisters and has been established to fulfill the mission of connecting women who care with causes that matter.

Women from around the county have been invited to take part in the PEARLS of Hampton County with an investment of $200 or more annually that will be used for the PEARLS of Hampton County Fund. 

Contributions are distributed to nonprofit organizations in Hampton County recommended by the members and used to build an endowment to insure grantmaking in perpetuity.  In addition, members are involved in a variety of activities ranging from event planning to membership building.

Purpose Statement
Strengthening community through the impact of collective giving.

As a member, you could choose to be involved in:

  •  Coming together with other community-minded women to share ideas. 
  • Supporting and engaging in activities that strengthen our community.
  • Playing a leadership role in the initiative by serving on a committee.
  • Learning about the philanthropic potential of women.
  • Educational events that inform you about the needs of nonprofit organizations in the community.
  • Mentoring programs to encourage younger women and girls to be successful, community-minded individuals.

PEARLS of Hampton County produces a newsletter several times a year.  Below is a sampling.

The grantmaking focus of PEARLS of Hampton County is strengthening families and individuals in the areas of arts and culture, community development, education, the environment, health, and human services.  With this in mind, the advisory committee will establish the criteria for each cycle of funding for grantseeking nonprofit organizations.

The grantmaking focus for 2014 is Women's Health. The application process is OPEN
2014 Grant Guidelines
2014 Grant Application 

 If you are interested in becoming a member of PEARLS of Hampton County, please download the membership brochure here.

Helping provide a better tomorrow.
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