Celebrate the Past…But Create the Future

Preparing to say “Good-bye” to 2009 has caused me to look carefully—not just at the last year—but at the last fifteen years of the Community Foundation’s history. We have many people we treasure, upon whose shoulders we stand, who made wise decisions. They gave of their time and talent to launch the Community Foundation and its promise of community improvement. We take pride in the involvement of these important people in the founding and development of this organization. To try to list them here would be to err by leaving someone out, and it is not my purpose to offend. But if you were to review past annual reports and consider the names of the trustees and donors through the years, you would see that these are people who have influenced many aspects of the community beyond the Foundation, and who have been the “Who’s Who” of the Lowcountry. We are grateful to have had them as a part of our family.

Additionally, there have been many accomplishments that make us proud—from beginning important new nonprofits, to being on the ground floor of the community indicators project (now known as “Together for Beaufort—Our County—Our Future,” ) to partnering with many in the “Pathways to Success” initiative. We take pride in the accomplishments of our sister nonprofits who have done good work with the grants we have provided. We have given many donors the structure and mechanism to focus their resources on their own passions. And if you look around, you will see buildings and parks and programs that would not exist without our involvement. It makes me smile.

However, a proud history is just that—HISTORY—no matter how much has been accomplished. Our past must simply be the launching pad from which we focus on an impactful and compelling present and future. What matters most NOW in continuing our mission of strengthening community by connecting people, resources and needs? A new “Who’s Who” of donors and trustees must come forth and continue to make our work relevant. Will you join us? Will you become a part of the present and future of the Community Foundation family? Will your time, or ideas, or resources help us to move into a new year and beyond marked with significant accomplishment? Will you help us to assure that for the Community Foundation, for YOU, and for the Lowcountry we love… every day matters?

Denise K. Spencer

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